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Improving Your Sleep from A to ZzZz

Lets face it, we all have struggled with sleep at one time or another. Try these tips to improve your sleep and wake up well rested!

1. Avoid the Bed Except for the Three S’s: Sometimes we find ourselves in bed watching TV, using electronics, or eating. We often don’t think about how lounging in bed can impact our sleep negatively. The brain makes a connection between “bed” and “sleep” in order to let our body/brain know when it is time to rest. However, if we’re spending time in bed outside of sleeping, this disrupts the connection. Therefore, our first tip is quite simple, only spend time in bed for the three S’s: sleep, sick, or sex (Yes, we really did just say that!!!)

2. Sleep Meditation. Guided sleep meditation is a process of relaxing the mind and body while listening to the soothing voices, sounds, or narration. There are several apps that provide guided meditations, and YouTube is a great tool...just search “sleep guided meditation” and try one out!

3. Technology off! Looking at TV, phones, tablets and/or computers stimulates the mind and creates a lot of brain activity. You want your brain activity to start to decrease. Try shutting your technology down 30 minutes before bed to give your brain time to “shut down” itself.

4. Don’t let sleeplessness faZe you and don’t force it. Waking up in the middle of the night is frustrating, but sometimes it’s even more frustrating trying to fall back to sleep. If you can’t get back to sleep, don’t force it! Get out of bed and try doing a small chore or task until you feel fatigued OR grab a coZy book and read for a bit. If there is a regular pattern of not being able to stay asleep, please consult your doctor.

And there you have it...getting better sleep from A (Tip #1) to ZzZz (Tip #4).

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