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What to Expect at Your Medical Marijuana Appointments

Initial Medical Evaluation Appointment

At your first appointment, a medical provider will conduct a medical evaluation and assessment, which includes:

  • discussing your current symptoms and diagnosis(es);

  • conducting an addictions assessment

  • verifying your identity (through driver's license, passport, or state identification card);

  • reviewing your medical documentation;

  • providing education and training around use of medical marijuana (MM);

  • taking a picture of you for your registration; and

  • activating your registration with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)

It takes about 30-45 days for you to receive your registration code from the state. Codes are only sent via email. You can register to receive a code from the MMCC websiteYou should register before you set your appointment. Maryland charges $50 to register for the medical marijuana card, and it must be paid at the time of the registration. This fee is NOT a fee associated with iHEAL. It is a state fee. 

Follow-up Appointments

You are required to return to the office for a follow-up appointment every six (6) months. During this appointment, our medical provider will review your symptoms with you and the side effects that you are experiencing with your MM. We will adjust your dosage accordingly and renew your MM card if medically necessary. Failure to attend your follow-up appointments will result in your card being deactivated. 

There is no guarantee that we will renew your card. Our medical evaluation and assessments help us determine if you still need the drug. 

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