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Would a social skills group be a good fit for me?

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups can add to your emotional and psychological growth. While it would be great if everyone developed evenly throughout her/his life, it just doesn't happen that way sometimes. 

Some people develop physically very quickly, but are emotionally lagging, while others may be psychologically-insightful, but academically behind for his/her grade or academic level.

Social skills groups help people increase their social, emotional, and psychological intelligence so that they can enjoy interpersonal relationships and feel more confident in their ability to connect with others and themselves.

Using a cognitive behavioral therapeutic (CBT) focus, this resilience builder program (RBP) will address two areas: resiliency and social skills.


The group will be help people achieve a more proactive lifestyle. In addition, members will learn new social skills to improve their peer and familial relationships.

Social skills groups will teach people to:

  • take initiative

  • modulate emotions and behavior

  • initiate and maintain relationships

  • engage in personal and social interests

  • connect with larger groups in the environment

Groups also encourage positive family/parent involvement.

Budding Teens Group ~ Ages 11-13

Kreative Kids Group

Budding Teens Group

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