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Medication Management

There are times when counseling is the sole means of treatment for mental concerns. However, there are other times when medication can be added to the treatment plan to offer more or deeper relief of mental health symptoms.

The outpatient and mobile treatment programs provides psychiatric evaluation and medication management services to patients who need it.

During your first visit, which typically lasts 45-60 minutes, a clinical professional will evaluate you to determine if a medical evaluation would be a healthful and helpful treatment option for you. If so, s/he will refer you to one of our medical professionals who will conduct a 30-60 minute medical evaluation to determine if medical intervention would be helpful for you. Keep in mind that medication may be one of many treatment options available to you. 

If medication is prescribed, you will have follow-up medication management appointments that may last anywhere from 10-45 minutes. These appointments will be used to check in on your mental health symptoms, evaluate your side effects of medication prescribed,  make tweaks to current medication dosage, discontinue medication if necessary, etc.


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