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Couples Counseling

Couples therapy isn't just for married couples. All types of couples may find couples therapy helpful including dating and/or engaged couples, separated and/or divorced couples, and LGBT couples.


Common relationship issues/concerns may include:


  • Frequent arguing

  • Loss of sexual interest or a decrease in sexual activity

  • Trouble connecting to each other

  • Emotional and character attacking during arguments

  • The desire to end a relationship in a healthy way

  • Trouble navigating cultural and/or social differences like race or religion

  • Premarital counseling


Before you give up on your relationship or before things get worse, try counseling. It’s important that you can say that you exhausted all options to make your relationship a healthy one whether you are a new couple, seasoned couple, or former couple that still needs to communicate.


Your relationship doesn't have to be in trouble in order to start therapy. Sometimes very healthy couples start counseling because they want to go on a journey of getting to know each other more intimately or want to discuss important values and beliefs that may impact their relationship.

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