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November 2020

iHEAL supported the American Psychological Association's efforts to object to President Donald Trump's Executive Order (EO) No. 13950 titled “Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping" by joining a letter-writing campaign. The letter read, in part, "Research on diversity training is clear – high-quality, evidence-based trainings increase individuals’ awareness of their own biases, and the ways in which inequities can be reinforced within institutions and systems. These trainings increase competitive advantages for businesses, improve intergroup interactions, increase opportunities for understanding diverse viewpoints, and improve conditions for learning. They also improve the quality of services delivered to diverse populations, such as in health care settings, and improve educational opportunities for all. I respectfully ask that this administration withdraw EO 13950 and encourage the use of evidence-based methods to continue improving the diversity and inclusiveness of the public and private workforce."

September 2020

iHEAL sponsored Maryland's Department of Health's 1st Racism & Mental Health conference. Sponsorship included a book giveaway, opening remarks, and a workshop presentation by iHEAL's CEO, Dr. La Keita Carter.

June 2020

Dr. La Keita Carter hosted a debriefing session with local law enforcement personnel to discuss tension between community members and officers.

May 2020

The Probono Counseling Project requested that Dr. La Keita Carter present a second workshop on Telehealth Best Practices because the first workshop (held in April 2020) was such a success. 

April 2020

Sara Dorrance, MS; ShaQuetta Little Young, MS; Donica Harper, MA; Shania Greenwood, MS; and Dr. La Keita Carter offered a COVID-19 coping skills training for SquashWise Program in Baltimore City.  We held breakout sessions for parents and students to discuss mental wellness during the pandemic. 

As the request of the Probono Counseling Project, Dr. La Keita Carter presented a workshop on Telehealth Best Practices for mental health professionals in Maryland. 

March 2020

Dr. La Keita Carter was a panelist in a Virtual Town Hall meeting, presented by the Black Mental Health Alliance, Inc. The meeting focused on health and well being of African Americans since the onset of COVID-19.

January 2020

ShaQuetta Nottage, MS; Sara Dorrance, MS, and Dr. La Keita Carter led a three-hour training for the Baltimore YouthWorks Program. The training included information about mental health symptoms, self-care, and effective interviewing techniques. 


October 2018

The entire iHEAL team engaged in two health awareness weeks. The second week in October, we raised awareness for breast cancer by wearing pink every day of that week. We wore purple every day of the last week in October to raise awareness for intimate partner violence. All patients who were pink and purple on these respective weeks received gift cards.

May 2018

iHEAL sponsors and supports the Maxie T. Collier Awards Banquet. We were also honored by the Black Mental Health Alliance for our work in the community.  


iHEAL sponsors the Call to Healing Summit for the Black Mental Health Alliance. In addition to an informational table that provided referral materials for mental health providers, iHEAL CEO, Dr. La Keita Carter, served as the mistress of ceremonies for the first half of the summit.

April 2018

Director of the OMHC, Sara Dorrance, and mental health therapist, D'Anita Parker, walk in University of Maryland College Park's Out of the Darkness Walk.



September 2019

Shania Greenwood, MS and Corey Ward facilitated a workshop at the Zeta Phi Beta Center for Healthy and Active Aging on grief. They talked to community members about the grieving process and ways that they can cope. They also provided information about the grief cycle and spoke with them about specific losses.

iHEAL sponsored the Black Mental Health Alliance, Inc.'s second annual Maxie T. Collier Awards Ceremony. This awards ceremony celebrated individuals and groups in the Baltimore community who are increasing awareness and decreasing stigma associated with mental health and providing mental health services to Black people. Dr. La Keita Carter, CEO, accepted the plaque on behalf of all of the team members at iHEAL. 

August 2019

Donica Harper, MS and Nicole DiCarlo led a discussion about depression for older adults at Zeta Phi Beta Center for Healthy and Active Aging. 

July 2019

Two iHEAL therapists, Sara Dorrance, MS and Jade Burns, MS, presented on mindfulness at the Zeta Phi Beta Center for Healthy and Active Aging. 

June 2019

iHEAL was presented by Dr. La Keita Carter, CEO, at Taraji P. Henson's inaugural Can We Talk? Conference, which was sponsored by her non-profit organization, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. She presented information on treating trauma survivors to mental health professionals.

April 2019

Dr. La Keita Carter, CEO, represented iHEAL on the National Broadcast Radio. She discussed the services provided by iHEAL and how to connect with a mental health provider. 

March 2019

The Black Mental Health Alliance hosted a trauma workshop for 130 women. Dr. La Keita Carter, CEO, presented at the Trilogy of Trauma event and discussed the impact of racial trauma on the brain and its affects your daily functioning. The event was covered by the Baltimore Sun. Read the article here

February 2019

Donica Harper, MS led a shop talk discussion about the difference between healthy relationships and toxic relationships and the dynamics of intimate partner violence (Baltimore, MD).

We offered financial support to patients who were government workers during the shutdown.

In honor of Black History Month, iHEAL ran a campaign highlighting African Americans who specifically made advancements in mental health. This effort was led by our Director of Marketing, Donica Harper.

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