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Adulting Group

Adjusting to Adulthood: The Journey from 18-25

The Adulting group, which runs for four weeks, provides participants between the ages of 18-25 weekly opportunities to discuss the process of "adulting" and the challenges they currently face. Additionally, this group will provide skill building activities in the areas of budgeting, problem solving, decision making, and career planning.


If you or someone you know has felt overwhelmed emotionally and mentally by some of the daunting tasks that accompany becoming an adult in this ever changing society, this group will offer a safe space with nurturing guidance to discuss and explore experiences and learn new skills.

***The next group starts on Saturday, August 1 and runs through Saturday, August 22, 2020. Each group session runs from 12pm-1pm. 

The group will be offered via Zoom and has limited openings. 

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A Father's Love

A Father's Love is an eight-week adult interpersonal group that focuses on developing a better understanding of a woman's relationship with her father. Members of this group will have the opportunity to discuss  relationship dynamics with their fathers and explore how past experiences impact her current functioning.


Group membership affords each individual support and encouragement, as she discusses her father-daughter relationship (past and present). This group is appropriate for anyone who has a desire to discover how this essential relationship has influenced her thoughts about herself and her behavior in her current intimate relationships.