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Addiction Counseling

Addiction affects the whole person and the whole family. It is not a disease that stays confined to one person or group. 


The first step to getting counseling for addiction problems is to get an addictions evaluation. After an evaluation has been completed, you will get recommendations from the clinician. There are many things that may be recommended at the end of an evaluation, and one of them may be addictions counseling. 

Like mental health counseling, addictions counseling can be done with individuals, groups, or families. Typical addiction issues discussed in counseling include triggers; relapse prevention; withdrawal, tolerance, use, and abuse; codependence and unhealthy relationships; medication; trauma; legal problems; and more. 

You don't need an addiction problem to be in addiction counseling. People who live with individuals who currently or formerly suffer with addiction can attend addiction counseling too.


Through counseling, family members and friends can learn about addiction, how it works in the body and brain, and how they can help their loved one. They can learn about pitfalls and expectations about recovery.

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