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Addiction Evaluations & Assessments

When a person is referred for an addictions counseling, the first step is getting an addictions evaluation. 

An evaluation helps us determine three things. First, it helps us determine if there are use and abuse concerns. Second, it helps us determine the severity of use and abuse. Depending on the severity, there may be an addiction diagnosis made. Three, it helps us look at the patient as a whole person and come up with recommendations about how we can tackle this problem. 

We use addiction assessments to measure things like risk factors, responses to treatment, effectiveness of treatment interventions, etc. Sometimes we do assessments regularly, and other times we do them sporadically. The patient's treatment team will determine how often we need to assess. Remember, the patient is a member of the treatment team, so you have say in everything that happens. 

Treatment should not happen to you. It should happen with you. 

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